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                            Promote development and achieve success.

                            Leading technology companies believe that we are their first step towards success. From lighting and displays to hard drives and mobile phones, our thin film process equipment supports a variety of cutting-edge technologies.

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                            Technology & Products

                            We are passionate about technological innovation to push the world forward.

                            We strive to build flexible functions and high performance systems. Our employees are motivated to meet every challenge. Our view is not "Can we do it?" but "How can we do it?".

                            From lighting and display to hard drives and mobile phones:

                            • Automation Product
                            • PCB Product
                            • Printing Products
                            • 3D glass cover
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                            Services & Support

                            Unmatched customer connections.

                            We exist at every point of contact:


                            We have been looking for the latest solutions and ways to improve productivity.

                            Site support

                            Get immediate, dedicated, on-site maintenance services.


                            We work together to produce products, create a more efficient world and a cleaner and more sustainable environment.


                            You can rely on us to provide first-class solutions designed by industry-leading engineers.


                            Services & Support
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